Mandate of the Directorate


The (DAP) provides a range of management information and planning support to facilitate informed decision-making, planniing and policy formulations and the overall strategic development of the University.

It guides and monitors the University’s activities in accordance with the statutory goals, mission and vision of the University.

Preparing and reviewwing the Academic Brief of the University.

Liaising with the NUC on matters of Academic Standards, Resource Assessment and Accreditation.

Maintain Quality Assurance in the University.

Ensuring that the academic processes in NOUN are of a national and international standard through the promotion of quality practices in the academic programmes of the University.

Ensuring adequate provision of conducive facilitation, learning and research environment for staff and students.

Determination of adequate staff strength and requirement.

Preparation, computerization and publication of data on student’s admission and enrolment projections.

Supply of staff and students data to NUC.

Supply of staff and students data for University Annual Budget.

Preparing, providing and updating of all necessary statistics for the University Development Plans, including preparation of staff and students statistics for enrolment, projections and Academic Briefs.

Carrying out continous evaluation of the performance of academic programmes, rationalization of courses, de-merger/merger of academic units or departements.

Collecting, collating and providing required data and unit costs for resource planning and budgetary preparations in the University.

Collecting, storing and providing a variety of operational data and basic information for effective University administration, governance and serving as a Reference Facility in this regard to the entire Uinversity.

Regular liaison and consultation with Principal Officers, Deans, DMIS, Human Resource Officer on information and data on Staff and Students for planning purposes.

Assisting the Vice Chancellor in all Accreditation matters and also advising Departments, Faculties on programme review and preparation for NUC accreditation visits.

Appraisal and processing of requests for affiliation from other tertiary institutions.

Attendance and participation at the Conference of Directors of Academic Planning of Nigerian Universities (CODAPNU) meetings and other NUC organized Workshops affecting Academic  Planning /Quality Assurance.

Serve as Secretariat to the Academic Planning Committee.

Put-up the University data for ranking by various bodies approved by NUC.

Discharges any other duty assigned by the Vice Chancellor.